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WHO: Ages 8-18

WHAT: UNITE’s Boxing Scholarship includes one year of boxing training, gym membership, and covering any equipment needed for the recipient. This scholarship focuses on health and wellness, patience, anger management, and fitness training.


Also included within this scholarship is our Mentorship Program which focuses on mental health and wellness, structure, and support. Members of our Board host events for the youth, including educational programs and rewarding field trips.

Any child who receives this scholarship must complete a 90 day probation period within which the organization will fund this training monthly. If the recipient finishes the probationary
period, we invest the rest of the year. If this requirement is not satisfied, the sponsorship
is terminated. The Equipment Compliance Agreement states that all equipment must be
returned or paid for in full with the termination of the sponsorship. Scholarships are
voted on by the UNITE Board and are intended to help the children who would
otherwise not be able to afford these opportunities.

Another perk of this scholarship includes the funding of educational endeavors. These
come in front of our Board on a case-by-case basis, wherein we assess the financial
need, the standing of the student, and the funding request. Our goal is to support well-
deserving students who would otherwise miss out on these life-changing opportunities.


HOW: To begin the application process, please fill out the contact form below. If you are applying for multiple children, please fill out separate forms. 


Thanks for submitting!

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